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$10 - $30 Substitute Brown Rice

Choose from our wide selection of authentic sushi rolls.



Kanikama, Cucumber, Avocado

Cucumber, Scallions

Cucumber, Dynamite Sauce


BBQ Eel, Cucumber, Eel Sauce

Cream Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber

Blue Fin Tuna Belly, Scallion

Shared Plates
$100 - $200 Enjoy time with friends & our shared plates menu

We serve sushi rolls, traditional nigiri, and Japanese-inspired share plates. 

Sushi roll 1100x200


Hot Oil, Yuzu Soy, Garlic, Sesame, Micro Cilantro

Sriracha Ranch

Taro Chips, Avocado Puree, Micro Cilantro

Charred Peach, Cilantro Oil

Traditional Garnish, Tosazu

Micro Cilantro, Yuzu Soy
$15 - $35 SUSHI 2 Pieces on Top of Rice / SASHIMI 2 Pieces Sliced

The best selection of sashimi based on deal of price and presentation.

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Sliced tuna with lemon

Sliced yellowtail with lemon

White tuna with lemon

Tiger shirimps with olives.

Shirimp with olives

Red snapper with avocado

$5 - $10 Discover delicious desserts!

Finish your dining experience on a sweet (or even savoury) note.



Mini Vegetable Cakes
300 g - 4 pieces $11

Zucchini and beets are baked into corn muffins to make a great side dish for chili, soups, or beef roast.

Try this bright orange vegetable side dish instead of mashed potatoes. Apple juice adds a little sweetness. The gentle sweetness of this sweet potato and parsnip mash makes a simple and scrumptious combination.
Peanut butter, bran cereal, and dried cranberries makes for a breakfast bar that's nutritious and sweet. Enjoy as a snack as well.
Apple Granola Squares
200g - 1 piece $8 $6

Granola and apples team up for a delicious topping in this snack cake. Serving with an ice cold glass of milk.

Blueberry-Banana Stacks
150 g - 1 piece $7

Strawberry-flavored cream cheese is spread on popcorn cakes and topped with fresh fruit for these mini snacks.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
80 g - 1 piece $6
Old-fashioned oatmeal makes this treat extra chewy and delicious.